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EasyRotator KnowledgeBase – Installation Problems

See one of the sections below based on the problem you're experiencing:

Problems with Installing the Easyrotator Editor Application

When attempting to install the EasyRotator editor application, you might receive an error similar to, "This installer is misconfigured," or, "This installer is corrupted."  To solve the issue, first try re-downloading the installer as the download may not have fully completed the first time:

If you still receive an error when running the installer, first make sure you're running the latest version of Adobe AIR by downloading and running the latest installer from Adobe's site.  Next, make sure that you don't have remnants of an old EasyRotator installation on your system:

  • Windows – Use Add/Remove Programs to remove the EasyRotator application if it's listed
  • Mac – Open the Applications folder and move any EasyRotator application to the trash

Now, try running the installer again.  If you still receive an error, please open a support ticket and send the following log information:

  • Windows (you may need to reveal hidden files to access this file):
    • Windows XP – Send C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Local Settings/Application Data/Adobe/AIR/logs/Install.log
    • Windows Vista, 7 and 8 – Send C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Adobe/AIR/logs/Install.log
  • Mac OS X:
    • Open the Console application from the Applications/Utilities folder
    • Select System.log from the log list on the left
    • In the String Matching filter field, type Adobe AIR
    • Select all the resulting log entry text, and then copy and paste it into a text file

Dreamweaver Extension Installation Errors

Note: This tip applies to all of our Dreamweaver extensions, not just EasyRotator.

When attempting to install the EasyRotator Dreamweaver extension file, you may receive the following message:

  • This extension cannot be installed, it requires Dreamweaver version 6 or greater

This message can appear even though you have a compatible version of Dreamweaver installed.  This problem is usually caused by having multiple versions of Adobe products installed on your system.  Each time you install a new version of Dreamweaver, Photoshop or some other Adobe product, a separate version of the Adobe Extension Manager is installed onto your system as well.  This causes problems because often MXP files (the Dreamweaver extension format) can become associated with the wrong version of the Extension Manager.

To avoid this problem, you need to manually launch the proper version of the Extension Manager, then install the extension directly through that window. 

  • In recent versions of Dreamweaver, you can launch the correct Extension Manager version by selecting Help > Manage Extensions... from the top menu. 
  • For older Dreamweaver versions, you need to manually launch the Extension Manager from your Programs menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac); after launching, select your version of Dreamweaver from the Products dropdown menu.  If you don't see your version of Dreamweaver listed on the Products dropdown, you most likely opened the wrong version of the Extension Manager and need to look again.

Once you have opened the correct version of the Extension Manager, click the Install button and select the EasyRotator_DW_ext.mxp extension file (from the EasyRotator download package you previously downloaded and unzipped).  Allow the installation to complete, then restart Dreamweaver.  You'll now be able to access the extension via Insert > DWUser > EasyRotator.

Note: If you continue to receive an error when using the Install button and selecting the MXP file, the MXP file may be corrupted.  Try re-downloading the file, then attempt again to install.

Dreamweaver Extension Launch Errors

When you select Insert > DWUser > EasyRotator in Dreamweaver to create your first rotator, you might receive the following message along with an option to select the wizard application's location:

  • The external wizard could not be found

First, make sure that you have correctly installed the external wizard application.  Download and run the appropriate installer for your system:

When the installation has been properly completed, you will be able to see a new EasyRotator application on your Programs menu (Windows) or in your Applications folder (Mac).  Try re-launching the Dreamweaver Extension again at this point.  If you still receive the same error, then choose the option to manually select the EasyRotator application's location.  Choose the location where the EasyRotator program was just installed; this varies based on your operating system:

  • Windows XP: C:/Program Files/EasyRotator/EasyRotator.exe
  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8: C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyRotator/EasyRotator.exe
  • Mac OS X: /Applications/EasyRotator (it may appear as /Applications/EasyRotator.app in the file selection dialog)

Important: If you are asked about copying the file into your site, do not copy it.

The external wizard application should now launch, allowing you to create a rotator.  If you receive an error that states that the external wizard is already running, choose the "continue anyway" / ignore option.  When you're finished creating your rotator, click the Save and Exit button and return to Dreamweaver.  In the small EasyRotator dialog that's still visible in Dreamweaver, click the Insert button on the right side to add the rotator to your page.  For more detailed usage guidance, see the main EasyRotator documentation page.

We're Here to Help!

If you have any questions about this article or about using EasyRotator for WordPress, please let us know by opening a support ticket below.

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